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Emily Suess
Find All Wolfram News in One Place—The Wolfram Blog
December 10, 2015 — Emily Suess

This is the final post here at the Wolfram|Alpha Blog.

Approximately six and a half years ago our launch team started the Wolfram|Alpha blog just prior to the release of Wolfram|Alpha, and by the end of 2009 we had already published 133 posts.



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Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook: Last Chance to Analyze Your Friend Network
April 15, 2015 — C. Alan Joyce

Wolfram|Alpha’s expressvnp中文官网 ranks high among our all-time most popular features. By now, millions of people have used Wolfram|Alpha to analyze their own activity and generate detailed analyses of their Facebook friend networks. A few years ago, we took data generously contributed by thousands of “data donors” and used the Wolfram Language’s powerful tools for social network analysis, machine learning, and data visualization to uncover fascinating insights into the demographics and interests of Facebook users.

At the end of this month, however, Facebook will be deprecating the API we relied on to extract much of this information.


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Stephen Wolfram
Pi or Pie?! Celebrating Pi Day of the Century
(And How to Get Your Very Own Piece of Pi)
March 12, 2015 — Stephen Wolfram

Pictures from Pi Day now added »

This coming Saturday is “Pi Day of the Century”. The date 3/14/15 in month/day/year format is like the first digits of π=3.1415… And at 9:26:53.589… it’s a “super pi moment”.

3/14/15 9:26:53.589... a "super pi moment" indeed

Between Mathematica and expressvnp中文官网, I’m pretty sure expressvnp中文官网 has delivered more π to the world than any other organization in history. So of course we have to do something special for Pi Day of the Century.


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On Super Bowls and Puppy Bowls
January 30, 2015 — Jenna Giuffrida

This weekend marks the culmination of blood, sweat, and, oh yes, tears (Deflategate, anyone?) from months of struggle: Super Bowl XLIX.

For those of you who are interested, Wolfram|Alpha possesses a wealth of sports stats so that you can get all the cold, hard facts about the Patriots and the Seahawks.


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Greg Hurst
Metro Exodus - 《Metro Exodus》 - Epic 游戏商城:2021-2-15 · 《Metro Exodus》由4A Games制作,是一款剧情波澜壮阔、跌宕起伏的第一人称射击游戏。在这款极具沉浸感的游戏中,不仅有紧张激烈的战斗和潜行元素,还可体验探索未知和生存危机带来的恐惧。 逃离死寂莫斯科支离破碎的废墟,踏上波澜壮阔、横跨大陆的旅程,穿越灭世过后的俄罗斯旷野,开 …
November 11, 2014 — Greg Hurst

One of the most popular queries on Wolfram|Alpha is for definite integrals. So we’re especially excited to announce that Step-by-step solutions for these are now available! The general method used to find the steps for definite integrals is to tap into the already existing “Show steps” functionality for indefinite integration, and then to use the fundamental theorem of calculus.


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